Thank You, Goodnight
Octone/BMG Records

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 White Light Motorcade’s biggest strength could also be its downfall. Their debut disc is chock full of hummable melodies, chunky guitars and layered harmonies. They’re “punk” enough to appeal to emo fans, melodic enough for pop fans, heavy enough for metal fans, bashing enough for garage fans and classic enough to appeal to survivors of ‘70s rock. Unfortunately, being this good at everything tends to work against bands finding their niche. “My Way” works in glammy hand claps, big hooks and nice chord changes in the tradition of Neilsen and Zander. “Open Your Eyes” is coolly metallic with angular guitar licks that swirl in and out phase. WLM can even do power ballads in a way to make one forget how hackneyed that genre has become. “All Gone Again” and “Closest” could be massive, lighter-waving hits if given the chance on modern rock radio. “Dream Day” even works loops and Beatles-era psychedelia into the mix. White Light Motorcade is a great rock and roll band in the classic sense. They’ve got the songs and the sound. They rock and have depth much like Cheap Trick in its heyday. I believe this is the modern day equivalent. I like it.

 (Chris McKay/concertshots.com)