The Music

Capitol Records

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   The Music is a swirling cloud of psychedelia, stinging riffs, hallucinatory wails and frantic beats. On their debut full length they re-imagine all of the pomp and excess of ‘70s super groups like Led Zeppelin and marry it to the club culture/rave environment of today. What they come away with is akin to Jane’s Addiction jamming with The Verve and remixed by Fatboy Slim. The tracks pulse and throb, tempos accelerate and fall apart, guitarist Adam Nutter pages Jimmy and the blue note informed screams of obvious pot head Robert Harvey push it all into a state of complete decadence and abandon. The glue of spastic drummer Phil Jordan and bottom dwelling bassist Stuart Coleman is at times the only thing that keeps tracks like “The Dance” and “Float” from flying formlessly into the atmosphere. The most amazing part of all is that despite echoing earlier legendary artists, The Music is completely in its own field. There is nothing else like this out there. Listen to The Music.

 (Chris McKay/