April 6, 2006
40 Watt Club
Athens, GA


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I went to this show on assignment as a photographer. I didn’t know Editors and didn’t care to see another Brit-pop band trying to re-invent 1980. About halfway through the first song, “Lights”, I thought to myself, “these guys are alright”. After that, it only got better…and better…and better. The difference between Editors and all of the other bands vying for that same piece of modern rock action is the fact that these guys understand songs. They don’t give you meatless mood pieces. “Munich”, “Blood”, “All Sparks” and “Bullets” all bristle, punch and stick in your brain. Add in the assault of a light show the likes of which I’ve never seen in a small club and you’ve got a can’t lose combination.

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Alternating the rockers with dark, minor key (but still hooky) anthems such as “Camera” and “Fall”, Editors presented a dynamic and powerful presence. While they’re certainly late in this retro-game, they may, in fact, be the ones to last. Even more surprisingly from a band with only one album to draw from, they didn’t have one misfire. Everything was right in its place. If they keep heading in the same direction, I could easily see Editors reaching the Coldplay or U2 status as American crossovers. This was the first time I’ve seen couples who couldn’t decide whether to dance or make out. Some chose to do both simultaneously. Headlining act Stellastarr* tried to follow but failed in making an impression. Within a few songs, a huge chunk of the crowd had left. I soon followed, knowing that the opener not only stole the show but was the show.

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All photos and review by Chris McKay /