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  What do you do when you've toured the world as a member of one of the most important rock bands of the past two decades, but something is still missing? According to former Black Crowe Johnny Colt, "you buy a skateboard, get out those records that aren't very cool but changed your life and remember why you started making music in the first place." That's what Asphalt Blaster is all about. The Atlanta based hard rock band has been rattling the dust loose in area clubs for the last year and are now jockeying to take the scene by storm with the upcoming release of a 7-inch on Athens' Pitch-A-Tent records. Bassist and singer Johnny Colt describes Asphalt Blaster as "four wheels and a nose bleed," while guitarist Ted Lathangue adds that it's like "Iggy Pop and Motorhead funneled through Zodiac Mindwarp." The two formed Asphalt Blaster following the breakup of Colt's other amazing (and tragically unheard) band, Brand New Immortals. After finding kindred spirits in drummer Reg Rogers (Black Light Posterboys) and lead guitarist Jimmy Wright (Bitch), the quartet set off to recapture the feeling of musicians just starting out which, according to Colt, was harder than one might think, "I took a few years to get over the Black Crowe hang over. It's really the same old song and dance. You find your big band that sells lots of records not artistically satisfying, so you do the unthinkable and leave to the shock and horror of family and friends. Of course there's a little guilt, but not too much to cash the check. The big rock career would feel like a sell out except you're too strung out on drugs to feel." Then even worse, he says, is when you "clean up and lose your edge. It goes without saying that as an artist at this point you do a musical 180 and disappoint the few people who might still care about your music." That's when the ever-important skateboard saved a man's career and put him back in touch with that teenager that just wants to rock. That inspiration led Colt to "Create Asphalt Blaster. Follow that feeling and only that feeling. My past certainly cast a long and wide shadow. When the music was truly great, that feeling was always there. Follow that feeling and you can’t go wrong. That place is (now) the only place I want to spend my time."

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