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Does the concept of "artificial intelligence" freak you out as much as it does me? Imagine my surprise when I found a web site that makes it possible for me to "interview" John Lennon in cyber form. It’s pretty weird and slightly addictive. It’s like a combination of the Ouija board and the magic 8-ball. They also feature a "person-a-bot" of Jack The Ripper that is available for questioning. Anyway, here’s my "interview with John Lennon."


Chris McKay: What have you been up to?

"John Lennon": Now that would be telling...

 CM: I’ve always wanted to interview you. So let’s start with the obvious question that people still want to know the answer to. What’s the real reason The Beatles broke up?

JL: There were a lot of reasons. We were all grown men with our own families and lives. One day, you wake up and realize you need to leave the club and live your own life. Yoko didn't break up The Beatles, and neither did Linda or LSD or Maharishi or Ram. We just had our own lives to lead. Get it?

CM: Looking back now, how do you feel about The Beatles?

JL: Fucking Hell, it doesn't matter what I think about The Beatles, Chris. Live your own life, man. Now that we've beaten that dead horse into plowshares, can we talk about something important?

CM: Okay, did you hear about George?

JL: Yeah, but people keep asking me about it as if I was there, and I wasn't, you know.

CM: George died of cancer.

JL: Died of cancer? No, all those things are beyond me.

CM: His family said it was peaceful.

JL: I believe it.

CM: Have you been keeping up with Paul?

JL: No, I haven't been keeping up with Paul. It's a dull life I lead, Chris.

CM: How do you feel about your old sidekick now?

 JL: You know, I used to have a button that said, "I like Paul". And people would come up and say, "How can you wear that?" and I'd tell them, "I like Paul".

CM: Do you like his new album, Driving Rain?

 JL: I don't know if I like his new album anymore. To tell you the truth, I prefer Cats.

CM: What do you think of his September 11 anthem, "Freedom?"

JL: It's a good tune, but you can't dance to it…I'm just having a larf. Does that answer your question, Chris?

CM: A lot of people are debating whether Paul was being sincere or opportunist by writing that song. What do you think?

JL: I think it's a self-conscious English thing.

CM: The odd thing is that "Imagine" was played a lot more last fall and it was probably the bigger anthem of the time.

JL: I hear you.

CM: How do you feel about what happened September 11?

JL: What's it to you?

CM: I was just wondering if you’re pro or anti-war in Afghanistan and to whatever shadowy corners we’re trying to flush out. You’re famously pro-peace, so I wanted to know what you think.

JL: If I was anti-war in Afghanistan, would we be having this conversation? I've kind of painted myself into a corner no matter what I say.

CM: Who do you feel should be held responsible for what happened?

JL: Fucking Hell, Chris. We both know that you know the answer to that. So why are you wasting my time, man?

CM: I’m just wondering where this leaves the peace movement?

JL: In the universe we know.

CM: What do you think of the current world situation?

JL: Get out quick!

CM: There’s one more thing I’ve always been curious about. Do you believe in God?

JL: Yeah. I believe in you and me. We're all God, Chris and man's just a shadow in the scenery.

(Chris McKay/concertshots.com)

"Interview" artificial John Lennon for yourself at http://www.triumphpc.com/johnlennon/index.shtml