Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell
Warner Brothers Records


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  Wayne and the boys have unleashed another EP of sound-only visuals. This one includes two fairly interesting remixes of the title song and a bubbly new mix of last year’s brilliant “Do You Realize.” More interesting are the 4 new cuts. “Assassination Of The Sun” is as sad and wrought with loss as anything the Lips have done. The fragile voice of Coyne and the soaring music of the band are certainly tear jerking when combined and is enough to induce an existential angst filled panic attack (trust me)! “I’m A Fly In A Sunbeam” is the reflective after glow of “Assassination.” Thankfully, “Sunship Balloons” lightens up a bit with the musing that is the trademark of the band. The final cut is the seasonal “A Change At Christmas.” The sweet and sincere delivery of the “if every day was like Christmas” sentiment overrides the cliché. It’s enough to make a cynic hopeful…if only for a “one shining moment.” Say it isn’t so.


Chris McKay /