Laughing City

Record Collection Records


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  What a stunning introduction this EP is! Boasting members not even old enough to drive, this female fronted young act has already mastered the sweeping grandeur of Brian Wilson’s post-Pet Sounds work, the unpredictable turns of John Lennon’s solo sides and added in otherworldly, ethereal vocals with massive stacks of dreamy harmonies. The toy box of a song called “Over The Mountain” may be the best showcase included here. With a sputtering heartbeat kick drum and an overwhelming sense of melody and mood, Eisley goes for broke creating nothing less than melancholy majesty. These are real songs with real feeling. Just to make it even better, the usually overwrought melodrama of modern female fronted acts is completely missing. When Eisley gets around to their full-length, watch out. There may be a new revolution coming.


Chris McKay / concertshots.com