Living Is The Best Revenge

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 The Cynics latest revisits early ‘80s garage. You remember that, don’t you? That was the stuff that revisited late ‘60s garage! “Turn Me Loose” is that insistent, punchy, blues-punk that so many try and so few get right. The strange thing is that it manages to retain its intensity while still demonstrating more finesse and taste than the raw stuff should have. It actually works well. “I Got Time” takes a fuzzed out Jimmy Page-like lick and loses his studio perfection and “Ballad Of J.C. Holmes” is reminiscent of The Smithereens (a la “Blood & Roses”). The latter is a little more restrained and poppy while still fitting into the disc nicely. Other highlights include the Stonesy pair “Marianne” and “Making Deals.” The record ends with “Shine” which might’ve been huge if it had only existed in ’82. It would’ve fit nicely between any Chrissie Hynde and Marshall Crenshaw hits. Living Is The Best Revenge is a solid, if not spectacular effort. You could certainly do much worse. (P.O. Box 666 Canonsburg, PA 15317)

 Chris McKay /