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  First off, I’m not a fan of the jam genre. There. Now I can say without a trace of irony that this is a really strong record from the Athens based band. Catchy hooks abound, Southern grooves mix with New York jazz, and the vocals are enthusiastic and well done. “Pick Me Up” kicks it off in Dave Matthews gear, but you can’t blame them. What band in this genre doesn’t owe a huge debt to Dave? The best thing is that this compares favorably with the King of the GATH bands. The main difference is that Bluestring comes across a little smoother. The crystal clear production is one thing, but the horn section is perhaps an even bigger reason for this. It adds a Muscle Shoals soul sound to the mix that sets them apart from your standard stuff. The highest compliment I can pay to them is that this is not a jam album at heart. These are good songs. A perfect example is “Rain.” It tells an easily relatable story, has a full, harmony-driven chorus before unexpectedly lifting into a Zappa-esque groove. Just about the time you feel it, they take you back into the chorus. Playing in a field notorious for outstaying its welcome with 30-minute noodles, it’s nice to hear this type of music done where it leaves you wanting more. Good job guys. (72 Spring St., 12th Floor, New York, NY 10012)

 Chris McKay /