Let It Be…Naked

Apple / Capitol Records

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  Ah…they’ve finally gone and released something completely unnecessary…and it’s just in time for Christmas. Of the 11 songs that were “unproduced” here to remove Phil Spector’s gloss, only two are really worth the effort. Paul McCartney’s “The Long & Winding Road” does benefit from the removal of the slurping choir and orchestra. In its place, tasteful piano arpeggios and the full-enough backing of Lennon, Harrison and Starr underscore the brilliance of McCartney’s voice, songwriting and arranging. This may be the version of this classic but when it comes down to it, it’s all about taste. This is certainly not the Earth shattering difference that Beatle Paul would’ve had you believe. The other noticeable deviation is in Lennon’s “Across The Universe.” Here, it’s broken down to just voices, acoustic instruments and reverb which somehow makes it feel more “mind-expanding” than the previous versions. Other than those two, there’s only the occasional startling crispness and warmth that modern technology provides to differentiate these mixes from the originals. “I’ve Got A Feeling” and “Let It Be” feel more close and urgent but there’s really nothing here for anyone except the diehard collector. (1750 N. Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90028)

Chris McKay /