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  For those who miss Uplift Mofo era Chili Peppers, check this out. That funky, soulful rock sound is alive and well within the sound of All Mighty Senators. “Giant Steps” is a slow deliberate groove and “March Of The Majors” is a bit reminiscent of some of Zappa’s more overblown work. The quartet is airtight throughout the 11-song collection. Horns harmonize and augment what amounts to 1990 era funk-rock. “Wasting Our Time” features a Cameo-type vocal over a hard rock, chugging guitar progressions that sounds like Spin Doctors on speed. There’s a lot of call and response and good time tunes here. Even if the record is a little too slick, this is a strong document by a band that probably lays waste to everyone in a live environment. Fans of metallic funk and groove-rock oughtta find common ground here. (

 (Chris McKay/